What is Tia Mock ?

Talent Initiators & Accelerators India Private Limited is proud to introduce Miracle Of Communication & Knowledge.We have done extensive research to introduce an extraordinary program that can live in every heart ,no matter where you live you should be able to share your ideas to everyone .
If you have heard the story of babel from the holy book of bible you will be inspired to bring a new city of babel not to build a tower to heaven but to build a tower of love , peace and care.What if we make a new language called tia mock which is valid in any country you travel .We would find it super cool if you are able to communicate with the native comrade in their native language.We will not be exploited by  middlemen who vanishes once you fall into some serious trouble in a no man’s land.
It is always your presence of mind in a situation that makes you compromise it with ease which is possible only if your tongue coordinates with your mind and we use  such a simple TONGUE-MIND coordination technique to teach you a new language.