From the desk of our founder

I ,Sheeba Joseph is immensely glad and proud to introduce a new program to our family. Miracles are always in dreams, that we are always in search of our dream.If a dream can be turned into a passion and you are willing to die for your passion ,then miracles happen . MOCK is our miracle which happened after years of research in knowing people from different race and ethnicity.In fact we can spread a word in many emotions as well as context and it depends on each individual.It is our wish whether we want to be positive or negative in the word which goes out of our mouth.Give and it will be given to you ,so if you give a positive approach to the dark and thinĀ side of your life you will definitely get the best in your bright and thick side of life.

I take this opportunity to let you know that miracles will not happen in your life if you kept waiting for it just go for it.MOCK is a program that helps you communicate your knowledge exactly in the way you always wanted rather than the translator or friend wants to convey.Language is a pivotal mode to communicate your idea and an idea once lost is lost forever .Share it with more in more languages so as to find your miracle.