Why we need TIA MOCK?

We might not be having  enough space to tell you the millions of reasons to take up a program like Tia Mock which indeed is  a miraculous program which cannot be explained by scientific laws  but credited for our founder’s practical contact with and observations of fact or events from real life experiences from her travel around the globe.
Mrs Sheeba Joseph,CEO & Founder -TIA , had worked closely  with many people from different ethnicity which gave her a wonderful opportunity to strengthen her inner moonlight and that is the very reason we are enlightening everyone to become a global citizen by learning more and more languages.
Relationships matter to build a better social animal in our society and language indeed plays a tough game when you head out for being the best.It is indeed hurting to tell you a fact that we live a life less human and more an animal .Few enjoy living a life like dog (Bark And Die), few love living like a snake (Drink On Ground),few love to be a fish in the pond (Hate Anyone Trying Excitement) and the best of them is the lion (Proud Rude Outstanding Under Dominance).We teach you language of human beings which helps you to talk out your mind  without any ego ,hatred or confusion.
Ever wondered what is so special of Einstein’s brain , not just his neuroanatomy of brain helped him to give substantial materials for the world to learn for a lifetime. In fact  he would have done great research which is not possible until and unless he interacted with a diverse group of people from different trade and customs.Higher intellectual capacity is attained when you interact with more persona and cultures which will be easy when you know more languages. Research has proved that multi linguistic people are much skilled than their  monolingual counterparts.
It is estimated to be 2.5 petabytes(or a million Gigabytes) as human brain capacity .OMG! that is too much a storage much bigger than any google can offer to anyone.Now you have an inbuilt memory preinstalled when you come from heaven and have you used it for a good cause? Learning a new language enhances your memory capacity that it has proved multi linguistic people are good at business as well as in any specialities.
Processing more languages also diminishes the possibility of acquiring neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s  and dementia.Both these disorders are highly catastrophic to anyone as you will be not able to function your day-to-day activities.